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A Safe Place for Your Child to Play and Develop Skills

A Safe Place for Your Child to Play and Develop Skills

Children leave no stone unturned in their quest for knowledge and know how, and this is especially true of the toddlers and small children. Being a busy parent, you will probably not have the time to look for after school programs Gurgaonafter school classes in Gurgaon or look for best after school activities in Gurgaon. This is one of the major reasons in favor of a safe place for kids to play and develop skills.

Curiosity did not kill the cat
Small children and toddlers are inquisitive by nature. They use their hands, the mouth, nose, eyes and ears to assimilate new information or to reinforce earlier ones. After school programs in Gurgaon see to it that the child is having a good time, first and foremost. You should also look for best after school activities in Gurgaon as a solution.

What should these safe places accommodate as learning material?
In order to play and develop skills, a child has to be in a tension free environment. Additionally it also helps if there are kids of his age group at the same institution. This facilitates communication, and children learn a lot from their peers, whether it is good habits or a particular skill. Teachers are as informal as can be, and preschool classrooms resemble a child’s play room, albeit smaller. There is space to hang up the many works of art produced by the child. You will also find a place for your toddler to participate in group activities and yoga. Preschool teachers are aware that small children learn through playing. Hence there is a large place for your child to play in. It has fluffy toys, building blocks, toy cars, and many other things so that every child in the preschool class can have access to them.

The attitude of the teachers
Highly trained teachers conduct 
after school programs Gurgaon or after school classes in Gurgaon. They are well versed in connecting with the children and this induces a healthy bond between teacher and student. A child will be asked fundamental questions from time to time, and they can always use their imagination to arrive at a non-conventional solution. This approach is encouraged because no two children are the same and each child has a different way of looking at things. Additionally, after school programs Gurgaon are usually for an hour or so, in which three short sessions can be completed. Learning is pretty much hands-on, and creativity and expression are favored.

SIS Prep Play School in Gurgaon checks all the boxes mentioned above. It is a stellar institution which is famous for the mode of education. After school programs are held in the Atelier, which is 6000 sq feet in area, built exclusively for after school activities. Program sessions are emergent by nature and skilled teachers and instructors can involve the child in as much as 3 different activities in the space of an hour, and that too seamlessly. Check out SIS PREP Preschool in Gurgaon if you have a toddler or small child, and you will later thank yourself for the wise decision you made.



March 13, 2023