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After School Enrichment Classes

After School Enrichment Classes

As a parent, you must have had some stressful times when your toddler or little child starts complaining that he/she is bored. In these situations, a lot of parents simply hand over their smartphones to their children. This is not advisable and it sets a potentially bad time-killing experience. If you are in Gurgaon, you can try after school programs near meafter school speech and drama classes Gurgaon, or after school movement classes Gurgaon. They will make your child interested in their diverse activities and your child will also learn a thing or two while he/she is about it.

Sometimes boredom is a good thing, it helps the child to build character and think of creative ways to entertain him, which results in increased imaginative powers. So the next time you see your little one roaming about aimlessly, give this some thought.


Given the busy lifestyle that we have, this boredom window is a great opportunity for you to interact with your child. Play a game or two, ask him/her how their friends are at preschool, and throw questions at them which are thought to provoke and make them search their reserves of knowledge.

Respond, don’t react

As a parent, it is important that you respond and not react to your child’s boredom. Try to acknowledge their feelings and ask them for suggestions for making things lively. Encourage your little one to find an alternative to the television and ideally, this should be an activity that is even more exciting than the cartoons on the television.

Hook into their talents

You need to find out what kind of activity your child likes above other activities and which he/she shows a real enthusiasm for. This is why after school movement classes Gurgaon and after school speech and drama classes Gurgaon exist. Your child may be interested in sports, so give him that space. Alternatively, he also may like to draw and paint and you need to facilitate that activity.

Above all, you should appreciate the fact that your child is a unique individual and there is no one-size fits all approach to solving boredom. If you feel that your child needs professionals to further his/her talents in a particular field, get in touch with SIS Prep Play School in Gurgaon which has an array of after school programs designed to polish every facet of the multi-dimensional being that is your child. Once they start these after school classes, life becomes very interesting indeed.



March 13, 2023