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Art and Craft Classes for Toddlers

Art and Craft Classes for Toddlers

There’s no misgiving about it. Toddlers love messing around with art supplies, be it coloring with crayons, preparing a hand-made birthday cards, folding papers to make origami shapes or creating fragrant play dough masterpieces. But, art isn’t just fun or about being naughty. It’s amazing for your preschooler’s language development, fine motor skills development and for their imagination and inventiveness.

Everyone says creativity and art are essential, but have you ever thought how being good at art and craft could benefit your little genius? By acquainting your preschooler to arts and crafts, at 
best after school activities in Gurgaon,  you will sow the seeds for his social, physical, and cognitive development. Today let me help you out by listing down benefits of arts and artful living….

Benefits of art

Art Promotes Creativity
Creativity is the ability to think outside the box and get to breakthrough solutions for problems in the fast changing world.Unrestricted art helps them learn things like making choices, reaching to conclusions and finally assessing results.  So, do search for 
after school programs near me, and get your child enrolled for one.

Art Builds Fine Motor Skills
Art is a fun way to help your child master fine motor skills that require increasing amounts of dexterity and coordination. Coloring, holding a paintbrush, handling a scissors, kneading their play dough, squeezing the glue bottle, connecting dots- all strengthen the muscles and improve their control.

Scribbling is a Predecessor to Writing
Toddlers begin by scribbling, and slowly learn to control their movements across the paper. Art is a holistic medium to improvement in hand-eye coordination.

Medium of Expression
Art tools provide a multidimensional and safe channel for expression of their feelings and emotions in a meaningful, tangible and positive way. They learn to experiment, create and derive satisfaction from making something themselves.

Art Helps Kids Connect
Art helps in creating a common ground for children and people of all ages, races, abilities and languages.

Boosts self-esteem
Arts instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in a child, and works towards boosting his self-esteem.

Now that you know how art would benefit your toddler, and are looking for 
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March 13, 2023