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Why is the Concept of Play School Gaining Traction?

Why is the Concept of Play School Gaining Traction?
You may think that your child, at 2 ½ or 3 years of age, maybe a little too young for playschool, but if he or she is comfortable with spending time away from you, it should be taken as a sign that your toddler is ready for play school. SIS Prep, the only Reggio Emilia play school in Gurgaon offers the following reasons for the increasing popularity of playschools.

A foundation for social and academic learning
Toddlers are by nature observant and curious, and they want to learn in ways that may seem incomprehensible to their parents. Play schools provide them with the environment and resources to learn things valued by society. It could be assembling Lego blocks or basic counting skills, but the bottom line is that a firm foundation of social learning as well as an introduction to academics is provided.

A structured setting
Play schools offer the children the time and place to be in a structured setting with the presence of teachers and other children. They learn important things like listening to instructions, raising a hand when they want to ask a question or interact with other children in a group activity. These skills are invaluable later on in life.

Preparation for elementary school
Play schools give children the time to pick up basic academic skills like identification of colors, letters, abstract counting and also word pronunciation with the help of nursery rhymes. These will help the child to move seamlessly from the playschool to a normal nursery or kindergarten.

Emotional and social development
As your child starts to get used to time away from home, he or she will slowly start to enjoy it, which is conducive to emotional development and the fostering of independence. With the time they spend with other children, the child also learns valuable social skills like speaking in turn, not interrupting, or saying what they have in mind in a proper manner.

Answers to innumerable questions
A child is innately curious and wants to learn all the time. So they ask questions, all the time. As a parent who is working and busy, you may find it a touch irritation to respond to every small query, and this can tell on the child emotionally. Playschools have trained teachers who are prepared to answer each and every question a child throws at them in a manner that is easy for a child to understand.

The above reasons make it really worthwhile for your child to be attending play school. And at SIS Prep preschool in Gurgaon, we are the ones you can trust, as you would your close relatives in the safekeeping of your child.
Date : 07/16/2018