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Can Play School Activities Be Done At Home For Constant Improvement?

Can Play School Activities Be Done At Home For Constant Improvement

Play school for toddlers is only for a couple of hours a day. After it is over and they have had a good rest, what do they do with their time? If you are a hands-on parent who wants active involvement in the development of your child, there are many activities similar to those in playschool that you can do for your small one.

If you have the luxury of space, you can set up a room in warm pastel shades which will act as the learning center for your kid. Here he or she will be able to spread out their toys and play to heart’s content, practice nursery rhymes, and do just about anything. Make sure that your child appreciates his/her playtime and be strict only when you have to be, otherwise you could be hampering their growth. There is a very thin line separating the two and it takes time before you know how to straddle it properly. Inputs from the toddler’s playschool teachers will definitely point you in the right direction.

Toddlers are sensory learners, and they use all five senses to learn. Try to fill up a big chart paper with traced letters and numbers, and have them decorate the individual letters and numbers with different textured items like sandpaper, cotton wool, pastels, and pipe cleaners. By tactile inputs, toddlers can learn how different letters are formed and the same goes for numbers too.

You could employ simple, everyday items like balls or apples as units of measurement and ask the child to measure out the length of his/her playing area in terms of those units. Another thing you can do is ask them to take their many story books and cover up their bed. They have to tell you how many books it took for them to do the entire area, and simple mathematical concepts like these can be taught in a fun and engaging manner.

You could start labeling household items and ask the child to put them in their proper places with the help of the labels. Children will soon learn that a certain word is associated with a certain object and will make those associations far more easily in the future, paving the way for improved comprehension and writing skills.

These are but a few activities you can try with your child at home. Interact regularly with the skilled teachers at SIS Prep Gurugram, one of the finest Playschool in India to learn more about which individual skills need to be worked on, and above all do not rush your child through any activity, ever.



March 13, 2023