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Development Milestone Checklist (0-5 Years) : Is Your Child On Right Track

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Development Milestone Checklist (0-5 Years) : Is Your Child On Right Track

Boost Your Child’s Creativity and Imagination with Art and Craft, Drama, Storytelling

If you are looking for after school classes in Gurgaon to help your child develop his/her imagination and creativity, you have to look for a preschool that is pretty comprehensive in its curriculum. There are many after school programs in Gurgaon and after school activities in Gurgaon, so you need to choose carefully.

Art and Craft
Activities centered on art and craft naturally take the aesthetic route. Children should be encouraged to experiment with different colors and different mediums, while ensuring that they do not work with any lead-based products which could be poisonous. Preschool after school classes in Gurgaon have trained teachers and personnel who can effectively channel the creative efforts of children who are inclined towards art.

Advantages of Art and Craft sessions
After school programs in Gurgaon centering on art and craft have many advantages. Children learn how to hold crayons and paintbrushes, how to draw basic shapes and later fill them in with colors of their choice. As they attend more of these after school activities in Gurgaon, you will find them more confident and focused in general and especially when it comes to drawing and illustrating. Similarly, with crafts, the use of different textures and mediums under careful but non-interfering supervision embolden the child’s innate spirit of curiosity and exploration. Children can use glue sticks, straws, chart papers, as well as mediums like play dough to express their feelings. And with time they get better at it, and who knows, a future sculptor or artist may be produced.

Drama and Storytelling sessions
For slightly older children, drama activities are of much use. Children are first introduced to the simple script, usually a nursery rhyme or mythological tale, which they have to listen to avidly in order to understand it fully. Only then can a role be assigned to each participating student. There will always be a coordinator who sees to it that everybody has sufficient stage time, even if it means that a child may have to sway in the background, dressed up as a tree. Attention is improved, and so are motor skills.

Storytelling sessions are also a great way to increase the imagination and creativity of a child. Storytelling sessions usually happen in small groups so that questions can be answered as the story moves along. The child’s eagerness to know will later transform into a love for books, which is wonderful in this day and age of technological dominance.

SIS Prep Pre Scghool in Gurugaon boasts of impressive after school programs that cater to the child’s thirst for expression. The Atelier is a 6000 sq. ft space built for the sole purpose of encouraging interaction, discovery and exploration for children between 5 months to 4 years. You will find highly trained staff that take full responsibility of the children and encourage them to seek out more with their five sense organs.



March 13, 2023