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10 Simple Exercises for small kids

Exercises for small kids

Exercises for small kids are generally physical activities designed for young children to promote their overall health, development, and well-being. These exercises engage children in movement and physical play, encouraging them to be active and develop their motor skills, coordination, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Exercises for small kids should be fun, playful, and age-appropriate. It involves activities kids enjoy and can easily participate in, considering their physical abilities and limitations. The exercises may include a variety of movements, such as running, jumping, hopping, crawling, balancing, stretching, and dancing.

We will here present ten simple exercises for small kids

1. Jumping: In this activity, kids can start by standing with their feet together and arms at their sides. Then, they jump up, spreading their feet wide and raising their arms overhead, and then they return to the starting position and repeat. They can clap while jumping to make this activity fun and engaging and promote coordination and body awareness.

2. Running: Running can be performed in two ways: running at one place or from one place to another. It is the developmental stage of children to learn specific abilities. It is also a fun exercise for kids as they can run in place by lifting their knees towards their chest and pumping their arms back and forth. It can be morning exercise for kids as a warm-up.

3. Animal Walks: Here, Kids can imitate different animal movements like bear walks which are walking on all fours with hands and feet, frog jumps (squatting down and leaping forward like a frog), and crab walks (sitting on the ground with hands and feet planted and moving sideways). These can be used as a 30-minute workout for kids to energise and make them learn coordination simultaneously.

4. Hopscotch: The best exercise for small kids will be to draw a hopscotch grid on the ground and have them jump from one numbered square to another. It is designed to suit their developmental abilities as a fun and engaging exercise while enhancing their balance and coordination. It is an activity to celebrate your child’s efforts and achievements.

5. Yoga Poses: These are fun and engaging exercises teaching kids simple yoga poses like the tree pose (standing on one leg with arms raised overhead), the cat-cow pose (on all fours, alternating between arching and rounding the back), and the downward-facing dog pose (bending forward and resting hands and feet on the ground). Such poses can be one of the few exercises for small kids to do at home and school, which will keep them physically and mentally active. Here, visual cues, storytelling, and sound effects can be fostered to engage their imagination and keep them interested in the activity in a fun way.

6. Balancing Exercises: Such exercises encourage kids to practice balancing by having them stand on one leg or walk along a straight line, placing one foot directly in front of the other. It can also be evolved and customised by creating a mini obstacle course using various objects like pillows, cushions, and small boxes. Incorporate balancing elements, such as stepping stones or a balance beam, and guide the child through the course, encouraging them to maintain their balance.

7. Ball Rolling: In this exercise, a child is given a large exercise ball and encouraged to roll it back and forth with their hands or kick it with their feet. It involves fun and engaging activities to develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, and spatial awareness in kids.

8. Simon Says: It is an exciting game where you give instructions for different physical activities, such as touching toes, clapping hands, or marching in place. It is a fun exercise for small kids to participate either at home or school. Clear and straightforward use of playful gestures and facial expressions can engage children to improve their listening skills, coordination, and body awareness in a fun and interactive way.

9. Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt where kids have to find and collect different items within a designated area. This activity encourages movement and exploration. It involves fun and engaging activities for kids by selecting a few items familiar to them and easily found at home or school. You can also incorporate learning themes, such as colours or shapes, into the scavenger hunt by choosing items that match the theme.

10. Dance Party: Play upbeat music and have a dance party with your kids. Let them freely move and groove to the music, encouraging creativity and enjoyment. This activity is designed to maintain a joyful and positive atmosphere for kids to be enthusiastic and playful throughout the dance party.


Simple exercises for small kids are an excellent way to promote their physical health, development, and overall well-being. Best preschool in gurgaon in SIS PREP provides the activities which are designed to propel fun, and engagement, allowing children to enjoy movement and physical play. Kids can improve their motor skills, coordination, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness by incorporating exercises into daily routines.

The list of exercises for kids, such as jumping, running, animal walks, yoga poses, or dance parties, these exercises provides numerous benefits. They enhance concentration, cognitive development, self-confidence, and social interaction. Moreover, exercising at a young age helps establish a healthy and positive attitude towards physical activity that can last a lifetime. By encouraging participation in these simple exercises in their daily routine, small kids can have fun, stay active, and lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

June 9, 2023