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Engage Your Child’s Productivity Through SIS PREP After School Class

Engage Your Child’s Productivity Through SIS PREP After School Class

SIS Prep Preschool in Gurgaon is the top pre-nursery in Gurgaon. It is making waves with its innovative approaches to learning at the toddler level. The playschool encourages parents to be a part of the teaching process as well so that the child is constantly evolving. Here are some suggestions for parents from the top play school in Gurgaon.

 Toddlers are mainly sensory learners. They use taste, touch and smell to explore and understand their immediate environment. You can use dark markers to trace out letters and numbers on poster paper. The child can then be shown how to decorate these tracings with the help of textured items like sandpaper and colored thermocol. By touching the letters and numbers, the kid understands how the letter or number is formed.

 You can use daily play items like Lego blocks and ask the child to stack them up as high as they are tall. They can use the blocks as a reference unit of measurement. Other units of time like seasons and months can also be applied to give the child a sense of abstract measurement. Let them use their imagination to measure household objects with any arbitrary measurement unit which is handy for them. You will soon find that the child is getting actively involved in this activity!

 The child’s awareness can be enhanced by labeling the places where items they use are put, and this promotes a sense of organization. Ask the child where a particular toy would need to be put away, and if he/she guesses correctly, do not be stingy with the praise and love. Children respond positively to encouragement and this activity will make them organized in their ways in the long run.

 Tap into the child’s natural curiosity and urge to explore by hiding some toys around the house (in safe places) where the child might search for them. You could arrange this scavenger hunt beforehand, or do an impromptu. The child will develop spatial skills with this activity which they are sure to enjoy.

 Do not underestimate the power of rhymes! Encourage the toddler to sing along with you to their favorite nursery rhymes, and go slow on the pronunciation so that the child can follow your lip and mouth movements to replicate the sounds and words.

These simple but highly effective activities have the potential of endowing the child with the essential skills that they will require in the demanding years of school life later on.

March 13, 2023