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How Important is Music in Developing a Child’s Mental Faculties?

How Important is Music in Developing a Child’s Mental Faculties

Music is an integral part of our lives, especially as Indians. It has been used as a medium in folklore, performing arts and also the act of worshiping God. Particular rhythms and beats awaken positive feelings of relaxation. SIS Prep Preschool in Gurgaon, a top play school in Gurgaon, recognizes this fact and employs music as an aid to fostering harmony and learning among its preschooler children. Here are some reasons why music is given importance at this playschool of note;

1. In the ’90s, a theory by Dr. Gordon Shaw emphasized that if toddlers were exposed to classical music early on, it would have a positive effect on the mental faculties of the child, making him/her smarter, and also make them favorably disposed to this kind of music in later life.

2. In a competitive world, a child needs to have an edge early on, and music helps in this. If there is a musical environment around, the child learns to speak more distinctly, have a vocabulary that is significantly larger than children in a conventional environment, in addition to strengthening emotional and social skills.

3. The inclusion of nursery rhymes and movement in accordance with the story of the rhyme facilitate development of motor skills that stand the child in good stead for the future, making them able to develop and inculcate diverse hobbies and interests.

4. Sounds and pronunciation are better learned when it is in tune with the music, and it keeps the mood from turning somber. This is very important in the case of preschoolers, who respond positively in a fun and casual atmosphere. They are not prone to distraction from the noises of the outside world that are so invasive, a fact that every adult who has a headphone plugged in can testify to.

5. Gillian Thatcher and Desmond Sergeant, prominent music researchers, had an interesting observation to make way back in 1974. They said that while all intelligent people were not musical, all musical people were in fact, highly intelligent.

6. Music helps to develop spatial-temporal reasoning powers, or puzzle-solving skills. This is of significant importance to kids who are about to enter the formal governs of a school. It helps them to perform better on standardized tests, a fact that this top play school in Gurgaon recognizes.

So, as we can see, music is inherently important in the learning process of a child, and its contribution to development of mental skills is quite significant.




March 13, 2023