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How Safe Are Playschools In India?

How Safe Are Playschools In India

When you are ready to send your child to preschool, a large part of your mind is occupied by thoughts of whether your child will be safe at school. Here is a checklist to ensure that you have all bases covered when selecting a playschool in Gurgaon for your child.

Early childhood is a phase when every child is very curious to explore every nook and cranny. It is also the time when you need to be the most vigilant to protect the child from any injury or harm. If you search for play school near me Gurgaon, you will come up with some very good preschools. It is up to you to choose judiciously keeping the safety of your child in mind. Here are some ways to tell if you have made the right choice in selecting the best play school in Gurgaon.

CCTV feed:&; Sending your child to preschool will be less stressful on your heart when you know that the school premises are covered under 24/7 CCTV cameras. Having CCTV cameras is not the same as having operational cameras so check to ensure that there is access to the live feed.

Access control: Access control is another big thing to focus on. If you can enter the school premises as a visitor it does not bode well for the security systems in place. Besides a security guard, also look for other access control systems that have been put into place. Make it your business to know how thorough the background check has been done on employees at the preschool.

Drop Policy:&; It might be a logistical hassle in ensuring whoever is coming to pick up the child has necessary authorization, but you have to remember that this is the single most important point. The playschool not having enough checks when handing the child over is a potential safety hazard.

Child-proof rooms:  You need to take a walk around the classrooms to ensure that the rooms are child-friendly. This means thinking like electrical sockets and child-friendly doors. The toys in the classrooms need to be age-appropriate and free from lead-based paint. Art material needs to be non-toxic as well.

Flooring: The flooring in the playschool rooms needs to be soft and cushioned. It goes a long way in ensuring that the child is protected as he takes a fall or a tumble.

Medical Facilities:  It is very important to ensure that a playschool has the requisite medical arrangement. It goes beyond the standard first aid box and looks for things like a resident medical practitioner and tie-ups with a reputed hospital.

Fire and evacuation: You can personally lookout for the presence of fire extinguishers and also ask the staff for aspects like an evacuation plan. Also, check to see if the staff is equipped to handle calamities like fires and earthquakes.

No access to hazardous areas: There have been incidents concerning children and water tanks, so be careful to spot any uncovered drains, bore-wells and water tanks, bring it to the attention of the in-charge at the playschool. These above tips will ensure that no stone is left unturned when covering the safety of the child at your chosen preschool. All other things remaining the same, your child will have a great time and you will also be reassured at home. Checkout.

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March 13, 2023