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How to Play School Teachers Communicate with Children?

How to Play School Teachers Communicate with Children

Children are geared towards language from the day they start attending play school. History and genetics have ensured that it is a natural process with children and play school teachers use a variety of ways to communicate with children.

• Understanding and listening: Play school children find it hard to concentrate and listen, and we as adults are not much different. Play school children want to talk and they want it now! Teachers are well aware of the group sessions in playschool where everybody seems to be taking at the same time. Hence it is important for teachers to show children that one must wait for his/her turn to speak, and listen actively.

• Talking with children: Teachers talk about things that are meaningful to the toddler. This can be about the activity they are interested in or imparting some skill to perform a certain activity better. Children are encouraged to tell stories, no matter how random and banal they may seem to an adult. Teachers are taught specifically to be patient and understanding, because every child has a certain speed of talking, and it may take some time for them to form coherent sentences because they are so small.

• Asking questions: while interacting with a child, teachers ask questions, often. This gets the child to open up and the opportunity exists for the teacher to add words to their vocabulary when they are at a loss for words while explaining something. Children are remarkably intuitive and will respond positively to encouraging words. An important relationship is built up between the child and the teacher when they are conversing, and trust also gets a fillip.

• Activities: there are many group activities in play school that encourage peers to collaborate in order to accomplish a certain objective. Besides this, toddlers are also encouraged to greet other children, say “thank you” and “please” along with other things like a show and tell activities.

• Books and nursery rhymes: book reading and singing of nursery rhymes is an important part of play school. As adults, we still remember the childhood rhymes we were taught, such is the memory of the human brain. Valuable communication skills are imparted through the medium of stories which teach children the fundamentals of sentence structure. Singing songs is another activity that children do enthusiastically and this gets them to open up as well.

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March 13, 2023