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How to Prepare Your Child for Play School?

How to Prepare Your Child for Play School

For a child starting out on his/her first day at play school, things are as tough as it can get. Separation anxieties loom large and there is invariably a lot of stress and more than a few tears shed.

Here are some ways you can prepare your toddler to playschool without them feeling like it’s the end of the world.

 Little children learn through play. So when preparing for play school, you should take some time out to playgroup games with the kid, so that they become familiar with concepts like waiting for their turn and also develop patience. The games could be just about anything like board games and ball games, as long as they involve participation.

 The child is soon going to be in an environment where they will be under the common eye of teachers and attendant, and hence individual attention at all times will not be possible. It will be helpful if the child can learn to share attention a few weeks prior to starting playschool. This can be with his/her other siblings or even adults.

 You should make it a point to attend playgroups with the child. These environments are the closest to a playschool that is possible, and the presence of many soft toys and other participants will help the child to be a bit more inclusive and independent.

 You need to encourage and also enable the child to stay overnight at his/her grandparents’ house if they have that luxury, or at the residence of their uncles and aunts. The advantages are twofold. Firstly, your parents are going to love it, they have been waiting for this moment! And secondly, your child will be spending quality time away from home in a safe and secure place, so he or she will have to up their independence quotient.

 There will be set routines at playschool. Introduce your child to fixed routines preferably a month earlier, with set times for waking up, having breakfast, playing, and sleeping. Simple things like eating at tables, washing hands before meals and responding to the call of nature can be practiced with success.

 See if your child is building up his/her store of words and start introducing them to things like “please” and “thank you”. Also, encourage them to pick up used toys and put them back in proper places, and start treating them as responsible individuals. The effects will be surprisingly conducive for playschool.

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March 13, 2023