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How To Raise a Confident Child Without Spoiling Him

How To Raise a Confident Child Without Spoiling Him

When a child is in its infancy, it is imperative that the child is in an environment that is caring and stimulating. Any child will be curious and hesitant when it is placed in an environment that stimulates its senses. Some children are more confident than others and take to the new environment in the preschool like a duck to the water. It is important that the less confident children are also given encouragement and support so their full potential can flower. A Mother toddler program is one of the instances where the child can be guided to have full confidence.


Young parents are often guilty of being helicopter moms and shepherd their children in whatever activity they do. The trick is to hit the balance between appropriate support and over protection. Here is how you can develop your child’s self-confidence. You can use these tips during Child toddler programs in Gurgaon.


o   Give praise: Praise your infant for the little things they do, even if it is not done with full perfection. Your words of encouragement will help to develop a sense of confidence. At the end of the day their efforts and their approach to the task is worthy of praise.

o   Ask for their advice: In matters that concern your child, ask the little one for their opinion. This small exercise makes them feel valued and you never know if their opinion could be valuable and offer you fresh insight into the activity.

o   Tiny jobs: As a parent, you will want your toddler to have high self-esteem and one of the ways that this can be achieved harmoniously is when you give the toddler instructions to complete a job of their capability on their own. It will help the toddler to display his or her skill and they can take pride from their contribution to the job.

o   Do not rescue them: If your toddler is stuck during performing of a particular activity or a task, don’t bail them out immediately. Yes, it matters that you have an eye on them but as long as they come to no harm, let them extricate themselves from the mess. As a parent, you know the competency level of your child and it helps to give them some independence to extricate themselves.

o   Do not compare: Each and every child is different and is good at different things. A lot of parents in the course of giving examples inadvertently compare their children to someone else. This happens to be a human trait but it is not of any use. Your child on being compared might feel hurt and disappointed, so watch your words.

o   Cut down on negativity: Do not use statements like “you cannot do this” or “you are not old enough”. Use positive words like “I will help you” and “we can do it together”.


Parents from an early time expect that their child will develop into a confident individual. SIS Prep Gurgaon is an elite play school in Gurgaon where your child will learn and grow in confidence at the same time. All you need to do is to follow the above tips and have a little patience.



March 13, 2023