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Indications That Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

Indications That Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

So that they can start preschool it is not necessary for your child to have a must-have set of skills. Young children develop at different rates and a majority of preschoolers are still working on their preschool readiness when they start with preschool. The skills that they will learn come with regular attendance at the preschool.

Here are some of the key developments to watch out for when enrolling your child at a reputed preschool. A mother toddler program is a good place to start observing your child.

Potty Training

Preschoolers of the Nursery age (2.5 years) are expected to be out of their diapers. It is not necessary for them to be potty trained but by this time they are expected to be ready to undergo potty training.


A little dose of independence is a must have for any preschooler. During the course of instruction at the playschool your child will be taught to perform different tasks independently. He or she will also learn to follow instructions precisely without having to ask for redirections.


Before toddlers enter playschool, they are expected to know how to concentrate. Most of the activities of the playschool will be from 10 -20 minutes. If you find that your toddler is able to focus and concentrate for about 5 minutes, you can be assured that he or she is primed for preschool.

Emotional Readiness And Social Readiness

Children should not get too anxious when they are separated from their parents. It might take a few days for your child to settle in but the toddler will eventually be ok with new faces. If your child is able to distinguish between known and unknown persons, it is a good sign that the child is on his or her way to develop emotional and social stability.

Energy and Stamina

A child will require a ton of physical and mental energy to cope with preschool. Their routine should be wake up early, have breakfast, get ready and then go to preschool. Those children who already attend a toddler program will find it much easier to make the transition to preschool.

Language and Communication

By communication here, we do not mean talking in full sentences. Your child should be proficient in communicating his needs through simple ways like broken sentences, sign language and also have the right expression so that the teacher understands what the child is trying to convey. Your child is ready for preschool if he or she can understand basic words and instructions.

Physical Proficiency

In order to excel in preschool your child needs to gross motor skills and sufficient fine motor skills. Your child should be able to kick and throw a ball, he should be able to draw and scribble holding crayons in his hand, turn pages in a book and so forth.

Self- Management

By taking care of personal needs is a sure sign that the child is ready for preschool. He will be perceived as growing and independent if he can indicate toilet needs, have basic care for his belongings, interacts with people and also indicate personal likes and dislikes.

If you take part in a few mother toddler activities then you will be in a better position to know if your child is ready for preschool. SIS Prep Preschool in Gurgaon happens to be one of the best preschools in the country and its innovative methods of teaching are a big success with all toddlers.




March 13, 2023