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Innovative Activities that Make SIS PREP the Best Preschool in Gurgaon

innovative activities

SIS PREP, a distinguished preschool in Gurgaon, is celebrated for its avant-garde approach to early childhood education. Through several preschool activities in Gurgaon, the institution ensures the comprehensive development of its young learners. Let us take a closer look at the activities that set SIS PREP apart:

MnM’s Program for Infants:

  • Physical Activities:  

Emphasizing crawling, climbing, and walking to boost motor skills.

  • Social Interactions:

 Engaging infants with other adults and children to foster social development.

  • Shared Activities:

Promoting emotional development through activities that involve lots of hugs, cuddles, and laughter.

  • Sensory Stimulation:

Introducing infants to various textures, colors, shapes, and musical notes to enhance cognitive development.

SIS PREP Minis for Toddlers:

  • Play and Learn:

Using songs and movements to make learning fun and interactive.

  • Early Learning Goals:

Structured activities that focus on personal, social, and emotional development, communication, language, literacy, mathematics, and creative development.

Nurturing Nursery Program:

  • Interactive Learning:

Activities that change frequently to maintain children’s interest and develop focus and concentration.

  • Imaginative Play:

Encouraging children to explore and understand the world around them.

  • Practical Activities:

Engaging children in exploring, discovering, and hands-on activities to foster a love for science and technology.

  • Numeracy Skills:

Activities centered around problem-solving, reasoning, and basic mathematics.

  • Language and Literacy:

Fostering communication skills through English and other languages.

  • Music Appreciation:

 Introducing children to rhythm and rhyme so that they develop a love for music.

Kindergarten for Comprehensive Growth:

  • Balanced Learning:

A mix of play activities and structured learning to ensure comprehensive development.

  • Communication Skills:

Encouraging children to work in groups, share ideas, listen to each other, and build effective communication skills.

  • Explorative Activities:

Allowing children to participate in a variety of play and learning experiences across different curriculum areas.

After School Enrichment – Atelier:

  • Artistic Exploration:

Welcoming the language of art, the Atelier at SIS PREP emphasizes the aesthetic dimensions and the poetics of expressive languages.

  • Creative Play:

Activities that tap into children’s creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking abilities.

  • Strand Knowledge:

As children grow in confidence, they are encouraged to draw strands of knowledge, test theories, and experiment.

Outdoor Activities:

Recognizing the importance of physical activity, the school has a range of outdoor games and activities that help in the physical development of children.

Cultural and Festive Celebrations:

 To instill cultural values and understanding, the school celebrates various festivals and occasions, giving children a taste of diverse traditions.

Interactive and Tech-Integrated Learning:

 They use modern technology tools and interactive methods to make learning more engaging and effective.

Salient Features of SIS PREP

Apart from the various innovative preschool activities in Gurgaon introduced by this preschool, SIS PREP is also known for its approach to early childhood education. Here are the significant features that make it a top choice for parents:

Founding Principles:

  • The school operates on the belief that every child is unique and has the potential to bring something special to the world.
  • It emphasizes the importance of trust, respect, and the autonomy of children, ensuring they grow up as confident and independent individuals.  

Holistic Approach to Learning:

  • Child-Centric Curriculum:   

 SIS PREP’s curriculum is designed to keep the child at the center. It emphasizes the importance of a child’s individuality and ensures that learning is tailored to each child’s unique needs.

  • Incorporation of Multiple Languages:

The school believes in the “100 languages of childhood,” emphasizing the importance of diverse modes of expression and understanding.

Stimulating Environment:

  • SIS PREP believes that the environment plays a vital role in enhancing the learning process. The spaces are designed to be multisensory, allowing children to explore, play, and learn in a rich setting.
  • The school’s environment is more than just a backdrop; it actively aids in the child’s development.

Qualified Educators:

  • Teachers at SIS PREP are not only qualified in early childhood disciplines but are also trained in the unique SIS PREP approach.
  • The educators are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, ensuring that they stimulate the child according to their rhythm.

Diverse Programs:

  • MnM’s:

Tailored for infants aged 10-18 months, this program emphasizes physical challenges and sensory stimulation.

  • Minis:

For toddlers aged 18-30 months, focusing on developing curiosity, communication, and social skills.

  • Nursery:

Designed for children aged 30-48 months, it emphasizes active learning matched to children’s interests.

  • Kindergarten:

For children aged 4-6 years, it aims to make learning fun and natural, preparing them for the early reception years.

Regular Parent-Teacher Interactions:

Ensure that parents are involved in their child’s learning journey, the school organizes regular meetings and feedback sessions.

Wrapping it up!

SIS PREP offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to preschool education. With its child-centric curriculum, qualified educators, and diverse programs, it ensures that children receive a holistic education that prepares them for the future. The school’s emphasis on a stimulating environment and the importance of expressive languages make it a top choice for parents in Gurgaon. Apart from this, the diverse range of activities at SIS PREP ensures that children receive a well-rounded education. By focusing on both cognitive and physical development, the preschool prepares its students for a bright and promising future.

October 26, 2023