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Is Your Child As Active As You Would Like Him To Be?

Is Your Child As Active As You Would Like Him To Be

Top of the line motor skills helps a toddler to explore their immediate world and it also helps their cognitive development. However, exactly what are these motor skills and how are they assisting our children in daily life?

The much touted gross motor development is concerned with the stronger and larger muscles of the toddler’s body. During the course of the early childhood years, the development of these muscles help the child to hold his head up high, sit and crawl and eventually take to walking, running and skipping. Some examples of movements are walking, skipping, running, swimming and jumping. If you have attended any mommy and me classes at your youngster’s preschool, you would have participated in some physical activity along with your child.

Preschoolers have a lot of energy which they expend in running around, or even riding a bicycle. By being around other children a preschooler learns important social skills like caring, sharing and also taking turns. Also preschoolers learn the value of cooperation when they are interacting with their friends at preschool in Gurgaon.

In preschools, children are engaged in activities that are fun for them and also challenging. However, the activities should not be beyond the capabilities of the child or else they will become disheartened. A lot of importance is placed on the physical activity of the preschoolers and they learn to skip, hop and jump forward, and they are very excited about their new found abilities to catch a ball or to balance on one foot. Preschoolers also enjoy activities like jumping, hopping, running, dancing, swimming, hiking or even riding a tricycle. These physical activities enhance the gross motor skills and also work at the eye-hand-feet coordination. A variety of physical activities help the preschooler to exercise a wide range of muscle movements and exercise different skills.

As a parent you are encouraged to take part in the adult-led activity with your young child. Children will love to see their parents taking part in playful activities. If you partake in physical activities try to include activities like catching, throwing or kicking balls or even use the playground apparatus to have a good time with the child.

You can try the following physical activities with your child:

o   Engage in games like Follow the Leader and intersperse it with hopping, jumping and walking backwards.

o   Set up a couple of goals for your child and play at kicking a football back and forth.

o   Make your child practice throwing balls at a target

o   You can also try freeze and tag.

o   Pretend to be statues and practice balancing; your toddler will have a lot of fun.


A preschooler will gradually develop his or her motor skills as he or she grows. At the preschool there will be an emphasis on physical activities and the preschooler will learn to hop, jumping, skipping, throwing and catching a ball, and also balancing on one foot. Your preschooler will be showing you these new moves and it is important that you respond with enthusiasm.

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March 13, 2023