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10 Ways How to Make Friends at School

how to make friends at school

School is the perfect place to make lifelong friends. However, making friends at school can be challenging, especially if you are an introvert. But having a solid social support system is so essential for kids. But here’s the thing – a school is the best place to make friends. Having buddies to eat lunch, study, and talk to makes school much better. Friendships boost confidence and happiness. Plus, those connections can last a lifetime too. Here are 10 ways how to make friends at school. Continue reading: 


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1. Join Clubs and Extracurricular Activities 


Want to make friends with kids with the same interests? What about joining clubs and participating in extracurricular activities? You build strong friendships when you bond over shared passions like sports, music, art, or drama. Don’t be shy to sign up for new activities you’ll enjoy. Some of your closest pals will be teammates, fellow artists, or members of the same school clubs. Pursuing your hobbies with peers is a fun way to meet kindred spirits. You’ll make meaningful bonds when you share experiences doing what you love.

2.Make friends with batchmates 


Sitting next to someone in class is the perfect chance to make a new friend! Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the students around you. Ask what they like to do for fun or what subjects they enjoy. Offer to study together before tests or help each other with assignments. Children form friendships with their batchmates, which often become some of the strongest bonds since they see each other daily. Having classroom buddies makes working together on projects or sharing notes much more fun. Turn to the kids next to you, say hi, and start a conversation – you never know, they could become your new best friends!

3.Be open and approachable 


You spot a classmate sitting alone in the cafeteria. What do you do? It is your chance to reach out! Making friends begins by being approachable and inviting. As kids, you are often warned not to talk to strangers, but school is a place to make friends! Stroll the halls with a warm smile and make eye contact. Strike up chats by asking about their summer or classes. A simple introduction goes a long way too. Show you’re eager to connect. This welcoming spirit will draw others in and cultivate new bonds in no time. Forging friendships is all about putting yourself out there.

4.Find common ground


Keep your ears open for classmates mentioning their favorite music, TV shows, video games, or hobbies; when you hear something you enjoy, speak up! Say something like, “No way, I love that band too!” or “I’m obsessed with that show! Who’s your favorite character?” Bonding over shared interests is a surefire way to break the ice. Ask follow-up questions to show you care and keep the conversation flowing. Discovering mutual likes and dislikes fosters an instant connection. With all the diverse personalities at school, you’re bound to overlap with someone. Finding common ground lays the foundation for true friendship.

5.Start conversations & be a good listener


Making the first move can feel nerve-wracking, but don’t let shyness stop you from starting conversations. When you see someone new in class or the hallway, walk right up, smile, and introduce yourself. Ask questions to get the ball rolling, like “How do you like this school so far?” or “Have you found your classes okay?” Listen closely to their answers and then follow up. The more you learn about them, the more they’ll warm up. Making an effort to start conversations shows you want to be friends. Kids love when someone approaches them first. Keep creating chats, and those school buddy lists will fill up quickly!

6.Make new friends at lunch break


The cafeteria can seem unfamiliar when you don’t know anyone. But lunchtime is the perfect chance to make new friends! Scan the crowd for someone eating alone or a group you’d like to join. Walk up with a smile and ask, “Mind if I sit here?” Introduce yourself and start chatting about classes, teachers, or food. Offer to save seats for each other so you can dine together every day. Eating lunch with classmates is a great way to bond over shared stories and laughs. Leaving your comfort zone to connect at lunch lets friendships blossom naturally. 

7.Volunteer for Group Projects


Group projects are a perfect chance to make new friends at school. When your teacher asks who still needs a group, be the first to raise your hand! It shows you’re eager to collaborate. Once grouped up, make an effort to learn about your classmates. Ask them questions as you work to find common interests beyond academics. Laugh at each other’s jokes and offer encouragement when tasks get tough. After succeeding together, suggest exchanging numbers to work on future projects. Friends made while creating school presentations can become study buddies or even weekend hangout partners. 

8.Attend Social Events


Your school is having a fun fair! It is your chance to meet new schoolmates and make more friends! Compliment friends’ children when they win a game or complete a cool art project. Attending social events lets you connect in relaxed, fun settings outside the classroom. You’ll share laughs, swap stories, numbers and build bonds you might not expect! Making new tight-knit friendships is what school gatherings are all about. 

9.Be Positive


A cheerful attitude makes it easier to know how to behave with friends and attract new ones. People are drawn to optimism and humor. Crack a funny joke to your deskmate or give an encouraging high five before a test. Share pens or snacks generously with classmates who need them. Compliment your friends’ new haircuts or clothes. If someone’s having a bad day, empathize and offer a kind word to lift their spirits. Exuding feel-good energy makes others enjoy being around you. Before you know it, your bright and beaming personality will be surrounded by new buddies.

10.Don’t give up 


It’s your first day at a new school. You walk from class to class, hoping someone will invite you to sit with them at lunch. But the invites don’t come, and you feel invisible in the crowd. It’s only natural to worry you won’t make friends at a new school. Don’t give up! Building genuine relationships takes time and consistency. Continue being open and friendly every day. Strike up conversations in the hallways, introduce yourself to more classmates, and put effort into group projects. Perseverance and courage to keep trying pay off. Stay positive if connections don’t form instantly. Keep showing up genuinely as yourself. With patience and effort, you’ll soon master how to make friends at a new school.

Parting Note 


Making friends can feel intimidating at first. But with small acts of openness, positivity, and perseverance, your school community will expand before you know it. Be proactive and make friends because School feels brighter when surrounded by people who have your back. With simple, consistent efforts, you have the power to create lifelong bonds. So believe in yourself and get ready to make new friends. 

August 10, 2023