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Personal Hygiene for the Toddlers and Its Advantages

Personal Hygiene for the Toddlers and Its Advantages

Kids, especially toddlers are remarkably efficient and excel at getting themselves dirty from head to toe, gamboling in the mud or otherwise.

Here are some personal hygiene tips that should be followed in the case of toddlers:

 Your toddler should be taught the importance of washing hands before they eat, or prepare food. The same should be done after they have visited the toilet, and after playing with pets or things that are dirty. Water and soap, preferably liquid soap are to be used over the hands and the wrists. Afterwards, the hands need to be dried thoroughly.

 Your child will stay healthy when he/she takes regular baths and showers, If there is a bathtub, kids love to play in them, and you could use rubber floating toys to make this an enjoyable activity as well. Bathing at the end of the day will induce them to good and restful sleep and the inclusion of toys ensures that it becomes a fun-filled act.

 A dry flannel or a towel is to be used to gently rub your wet child dry. Make sure they are dry all over so that they do not catch a cold. Drying before putting on dresses or clothes ensure that there are no rashes induced by wet areas, and when the weather is warm, your child can well dry him/herself in the air.

 Toilet training is also very important. Your child should be taught from an early age that they need to call someone elder, preferably a parent or a caregiver when they want to go for a poop or urinate. Children also have to be taught how to wipe their bottoms with toilet paper, and this they have to do themselves when they are a bit older. It depends on the age of the child. You could use the marked squares on the toilet paper to show them what constitutes an adequate amount of toilet paper. Girls should be taught to always wipe from front to back to avoid urinary tract infection.

 Teeth should be brushed gently and in the proper up-down technique twice daily, once in the morning and once before going to bed. Your dentist will be able to tell you if it is alright to floss their teeth.

 When they cough and sneeze, toddlers should use handkerchiefs or small towels that are tucked into their waistbands. In their absence, a toddler should cough in the sleeve. Washing hands is essential after coughing.

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March 13, 2023