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Play School Is Smart Choice For Kids

Play School Is Smart Choice For Kids

Life for kids is as stressful as for we adults. They have to cope up with daily dose of homework, class activities, sports, extracurricular activities, peer pressure, stiff competition and at times even over-scheduling from parents. All this puts enormous stress on children and just like we adults they too need to relax. And Yoga is definitely the best activity that could help them towards it. So, just search for after school classes in Gurgaon and enroll your little wonder for a yoga class right away!

Benefits of Yoga
1. Practicing yoga can make little ones more in control of themselves and more capable to handle stress. It attains self-esteem and self-awareness.

2. In today‚Äôs fast changing world, most of the kids seem to be hyperactive. Hyperactive child crave for sensory stimulus. Yoga is a strong medium to help them channelize in a positive way.

3. Practicing yoga has physical benefits too. They are excellent for their circulatory system.

4. Yoga works wonders for improving the quality of sleep.

5. Reinforcement of virtues and values like satisfaction, truth and non-violence is also possible through yoga.

Yoga Postures
Some postures that are beneficial for children are-The dog and cat yoga posture that helps to increase the flexibility of spine, the forward bend that relaxes the mind, the mountain pose to improve self-awareness and body balance and triangle posture to improve concentration. Apart from these there are tree pose, half moon, camel, cobra, fish, boat, inverted leg stretch and balancing tree and many more. To get to know more about such postures do search for 
after school activities near me.

Yoga in a Nut Shell
Yoga is considered a way of attaining spiritual liberalization. Through this kids can find it easier to link their minds-hearts-souls. Yoga is significant for healthy development and growth of toddlers. All aspects of child development comprising physical, moral, mental, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual are sure to notice a dynamic growth when coupled with yoga practice. It paves a futuristic divine path for them.

When yoga is performed in a right manner, it could even be an excellent source of entertainment for kids. Get in touch with 
SIS Prep Gurugram to know how! Just search for after school programs in Gurgaon, and let us introduce this age-old science not in a way of exercise but a way of fun to your little achievers!


March 13, 2023