Pre Nursery

Our Pre-Nursery Program

The pre-nursery program offered by SIS Prep is designed to provide young children with a solid foundation for their future education. The program focuses on developing social skills, language skills, and cognitive skills through fun, age-appropriate activities. 

Children in the pre nursery class are encouraged to explore, experiment, and learn at their own pace. The curriculum is carefully crafted to support children’s holistic development, including physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. 

With a team of experienced teachers, SIS PREP ensures that every child receives individual attention and nurturing care in a safe and stimulating environment

pre nursery activities

Our Objective For Pre-Nursery Program

SIS PREP Pre nursery teaches preschoolers to use creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills through fun, interactive activities. Children learn by seeing, hearing, touching and doing. Children control the pace of the class by responding to the classroom teacher and content presented to them. 

Activities change frequently in order to maintain the interest of the children and help them to develop focus and concentration skills. An attractive student teacher ratio allows them the personal attention required to excel. SIS PREP focuses on the process of learning (how) as well as the content of the lessons (what). 

At SIS Prep, we believe that every child is unique and has their own learning style, which is why our curriculum is tailored to meet individual needs.

Reflection On Learning At SIS PREP Pre-Nursery

  • Health And WellBeing
    (Physical Development)

  • Communication
    ( Language ,express )

  • Expressive Art

  • Social Studies

  • Rhythm And Rhyme

  • Religious And Moral Education

  • Discovering

Our Activities

Circle time

It is a group activity where children participate in singing songs, listening to stories, and engaging in group discussions.

Art and craft activities

Painting, drawing, and sculpting, promote creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, and self-expression in children.


It allows children to explore and experiment with a wide range of toys and games, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and socialization skills.

Including playground games, gardening, and nature walks, promote physical activity, appreciation of nature, and cognitive development in children.

Music and movement activities

Including dancing, singing, and playing instruments, encourage coordination, self-expression, creativity, and appreciation of rhythm and melody.

Sensory activities

Laying with sand, water, and sensory bins, encourage exploration, experimentation, and sensory stimulation, promoting cognitive and motor skills.

Dramatic play

It allows children to engage in imaginative role-playing and acting out various scenarios, fostering creativity, communication, and socialization skills.

Sand Play

It provides children with an opportunity to explore, create, and experiment with texture and sensory stimulation, promoting cognitive and motor skills.

Cold Cooking

Making salads or sandwiches, teaching children basic food preparation skills and promoting healthy eating habits.

Outdoor field trips

It provides children with opportunities to explore and learn about the natural world, promoting curiosity, knowledge, and appreciation of nature.

Pre nursery activities

These activities are designed to be fun, age-appropriate, and to support children's holistic development.

Pre-Nursery Syllabus

The monthly syllabus for pre-nursery class is typically divided into sets, which cover a range of subjects and activities designed to promote early childhood development. 

These sets may include themes like colors, shapes, animals, or seasons, and may also incorporate lessons on basic skills like counting, storytelling, and physical movement. 

The overall goal is to provide a well-rounded educational experience that encourages curiosity and prepares young children for future learning.

Age Group

(3 years - 4 years )


(5 days a week)


(3 Hours)


(Delicious meals served and enjoyed during the session )

Fee Structure

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