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School Providing Over Comfortable Spaces Impact The Immunity Of The Child

School Providing Over Comfortable Spaces Impact The Immunity Of The Child

A school is a place where a child most of his or her time. It is the place where he or she not only get exposed to n number of new things but the child also meets many new people with different social strata, cultures, and upbringing. It is now the responsibility of the school to gel everything in a balanced way without disturbing the development of any child coming to that school.

High-end Educational Institutes

According to experts at a Play School in Gurgaon, in metro and metropolitan cities of India, many high-end preschool institutions are coming up claiming to give nothing less than the best to toddlers coming to them. They charge hefty fees from the parents and in return, they make sure everything offered to the child is high end, excessively clean, well arranged and luxurious. But is it something which can contribute to the right development of the child? And hereby development we just not mean physical or intellectual development, what we mean is the development of the child as a good human being. Extra comfortable spaces can not only hamper just physical immunity of the child but it can also have an adverse effect on other aspects such as the ability to handle stress, failure or hardships if they get any in future.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness But an Excess of Everything is Bad

We are not against cleanliness drive in any school. It is something which is very basic and is expected from all the schools. But if you take your cleanliness and comfort drive to next level and snatch the very right of the child to get exposed to dirt, creating new memories while making their hands and clothes dirty in the sandpit or in the play area then you are doing more loss of the child than benefitting the child from your luxurious and high-end institution. 

According to teachers of pre-nursery school in Gurgaon, when a child gets exposed to dirt, his or her body get immunized to the germs and there is less likely for the child to fall ill at the time of change of season, change of place or when suddenly exposed to dirt.

A Child Should Learn From Basics

Educational experts at SIS prep, best preschools in Gurgaon believe that a preschool should aim at giving more from less rather than offering everything high end and comfortable to children. A child should be able to search his or her comfort in things which are present.


March 13, 2023