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Who We Are

Our Belief

Education should be looked at as a holistic learning experience, helping each child to develop those attributes and qualities of head (mind), heart (soul) and hand (body) that transform the child into a self-reliant, confident, well aware, knowledgeable, responsible and with a great sense of self–esteem. We believe that children while in their most impressionable age should imbibe two most important things of life-values & wisdom.

Our Vision

SIS PREP is ‘a unique offering to education‛. An initiative and brainchild of our visionary Ms. Surabhi Mittal intends to bring a preschool with a vision that upholds a free progressive outlook & learning system which places greater emphasis on nurturing the true nature of the child, human values, affinity & inherent bond with our Indian culture, traditions & values, care for the earth we inhabit and appreciation of nature.

SIS PREP is committed to provide an environment tailored for children to discover that bind them to their roots. With the passage of time, borders have shrunk: we all inhabit the global village. In the midst of such rampant globalisation, a need to cherish our traditions and strive to maintain a sense of balance in life has arisen. The SIS PREP team thus strives to educate its young learners to think like global citizens while keeping in touch with their own culture & traditions.


We,THE BALAJI GROUP believes in the overall development of an individual and the strength that one holds to change the world if given the right education. Apart from our diversified business of import, export, manufacturing and various others; we have been keen in promoting education as we strongly feel the importance of education in ones lives and how it contributes to our society.

" The aim of education, is to develop harmony of the educand with the environment."   RABINDRANATH TAGORE

We are making efforts to contribute our share to society by providing the best possible education to our youth. SIS PREP is adding a new pearl to our long existing string, which would provide the right atmosphere and teaching for your child to have a holistic growth.

Core Team

SIS PREP Director

Ms. Surabhi Mittal

Education is a fulfilling and ongoing journey but how one embarks it makes the difference. I would like to emphasize that education is not merely getting good grades or academic awards. A good education system should provide value and skill based education which will lead to a socially competent society. “Social competence” refers to the social, emotional and cognitive skills and behaviors that children need to succeed in society. I believe that every child can become a socially competent adult if given an opportunity to gain life skills. Skills like creativity, critical thinking, social skills, positive character and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing world are more important for children, even adults, to learn than academic concepts.

In my view, every child should be given the wings to excel and be fulfilled with a life that has a meaning to “them”.

I sincerely urge parents to see their children‛s lives beyond the confinement of competition arenas and help them become happy, empowered and contributing members of society. To further add, it gives me immense pleasure to share that the first admission to this facility is my 2-year-old daughter, Anandita. I can assure every parent/guardian reading this message, that your child will receive the same love, care and warmth that I would expect for my daughter.

SIS PREP Pedagogista


Ms. Moksha Nagdev Gudwani is a dedicated mother and a passionate educator who has been working in the field of early childhood education and development for over 9 years. She has expertise in developmental assessments, curriculum design, teacher trainings and pedagogies based on Multiple Intelligences and Reggio Emilia.

She possesses a Masters in Clinical Psychology and an Advance Diploma in Early Childhood Development along with certifications in Jolly Phonics, Storytelling, Speech and Communication development in children (FLOORTIME™, U.S.A), developmental and intelligence assessments. She is currently pursuing PhD in Child Development and most of her research work has been based on parenting and policies of children’s health and education.

She strongly believes that children are the future of our society and they have a right to quality childhood which includes an accepting environment that responds to and promotes individual differences, an environment surrounded by responsible and caring adults who help them develop self-confidence and ability to make choices, most importantly, an environment in which they can freely express their joys, curiosities and fears and develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults.

Music Therapist


Aastha Luthra is a motivated Clinical Music Therapist and Music Specialist applying solid music background to develop personalized learning for kids with different caliber and age. She is apt in preparing customized classroom plans and is committed to provide children with individual attention to ensure, that optimal benefits are achieved from music.

Aastha provides Music therapy and Music customized lessons plans not only to healthy people but also to people with disabilities, mental health, cancer care with clinical perspectives, for their wellbeing and quality life.

She has worked as a music specialist in different school settings like Pathways School-Noida, DY Patil International School-Mumbai, Performer's Collective-New Delhi, Sangeet Bharti-Meerut and many more. She has also worked in the hospital settings as a Clinical Music Therapist such as Vimhans-Delhi, Sundar Lal Jain-Delhi, Army Hospital-Delhi, St. Jude Child Care Centre-Mumbai and many more.

Our Educators


Sutapa Dutta

Ms. Dutta is a dedicated and passionate educator working with preschoolers for the past 6 years with a commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. She has expertise in class management, interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with children and parents. She possesses a Masters in International Relations with specialization in South East Asia Region. She is also a diploma holder in French language.


Ashi Yadav

Ms. Yadav is a well-qualified individual who has the ability to positively interact with children and communicate professionally with parents. She is motivated to provide quality child care while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment. She has an honors degree in Sociology from Delhi University and in addition to that she has also completed a teacher training diploma course from MMI (London).


Sargam Mago

Ms. Mago has over 5 years of experience in the early learning. She holds Bachelors in Business Administration and subsequent PGDBM from IIPM India. She is a dedicated worker with experience in primary and advanced early learning and a mother of a seven year old.