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Some Must Have Facilities That Make SIS Prep An Ideal Preschool

Some Must Have Facilities That Make SIS Prep An Ideal Preschool

So when you set about the task of choosing a preschool for the kid, only the best will do. SIS Prep in Gurgaon is the best play school in Gurgaon and here are the play school facilities that make us stand out as the best in the business

1. Safety First

The safety of the kids is of the highest importance and we have imbibed safety measures that rank with the very best. We go to great lengths to ensure that every child is safe when they are with us. A few play school things that we have done include:

o  Standard security measures like access control and electronic monitoring.

o   Extensive background checks on all members of staff.

o   We notify parents immediately if their child is sick or injured.

o   There is a well -equipped staff to deal with emergency medical treatment.

o   No smoking on the premises

o   The exits are clearly marked with signs and evacuation routes are visible in the case of an emergency.


2. Large, Airy Classrooms

We provide open, airy and large classrooms where the children have plenty of space to learn and explore. It is very important for the children to develop and grow in the preschool and we ensure that the classrooms are large enough for them to play games in and also learn while they are at it.

3. The Play Area 

We provide direct access to a developmentally appropriate playground whereby the children can engage in preschool learning activities. All our playground equipment is in accordance to safety rules. There is sand, soil, grass as well as a large and flat surface for using wheeled toys. Our outdoor areas also offer protection from sun, wind, water, dust and pollution. Our play areas offer freedom as well as security. We understand that kids in a play area are energetic and unpredictable. Our teachers are taught how to maintain order when dealing with kids out of doors.

4.  Indoor Play Area

We also have a proper indoor play area that is staffed with all kinds of playthings so if it is too hot or too cold to be playing outdoors, the children can make use of this area. There is adequate room for your child to jump, crawl and run along with engagement in nursery learning activities so that the kids have a great time when the weather outside is not that great. This feature makes us a great kids play school in Gurgaon.

5.  Library

    This is a preschool facility that we give the utmost attention to because language acquisition is going to be one of the key things that will influence the communication, language and the literacy in the following years. We encourage a love of literature through storytelling, auditory discrimination games, educative and fun learning games, drama techniques and visual decoding games that tickle the grey cells of the toddlers.

6. Furniture And Associate Supplies

     We place a great emphasis on the furniture and supplies that we use in our preschool. The furniture that we have meets the standard recommendations for each and every age group. The furniture is in good condition and is sturdy. They do not have any sharp edges or any missing pieces. Our choice of furniture is also according to the size of the classroom and everything is in perfect proportion. The kids will live to interact with the colorfully decorated pieces of furniture and will miss them when they are away.

7. Napping Facilities

     We believe that as a preschool we should provide an area where the toddler can nap and rest without having to be distracted or disturbed by other activities. We have floor mats and cots where the toddlers can rest if they are feeling tired and drained. The area where they are located is free from disturbance and distractions. The ambiance makes the child relax and the child can rest for as long as he/she desires. We also believe in the appropriate scheduling of nap time. We have supervisors present in the nap area who monitor the child’s napping.

8. Easy Access To All Rooms


At SIS Prep Pre school in Gurgaon, all the rooms are built in such a manner that there is easy access to all the rooms. We look at the architecture of the preschool through the eyes of a child. We have envisioned that the children will be using the rooms at all times and our easy access helps the children to remember most of the routes and not get lost in the maze. The construction of the rooms is also such that the supervisors can access them with a minimum fuss and bother.

So, these are some pre school facilities that we provide and if you have been thinking of a play school near me, look no further than SIS Prep Gurgaon. We are especially at an advantage in taking care of your toddler and we are accredited to deliver quality education in the nascent stages of the child’s development.

March 13, 2023