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Summer Camp Activities Workshop for Kids at SIS Prep Gurugram

Summer Camp Activities Workshop for Kids at SIS Prep Gurugram

Summer Camp Activities at SIS Prep

Summer Sun is here and so are the long summer holidays for children. Most parents struggle with planning their children’s time productively throughout holidays and it is especially difficult for working mothers who have to manage a long stretch of time for their children who are at home, while they are out.

Summer camps come handy here as they are packed with educational and 
fun activities for children that have not been a part of their daily routine. Summer camps are also a great way to meet new friends and practice some necessary social skills to build a relationship with new teachers and peers.

SIS PREP Play School in Gurgaon, the summer camp has been planned to keep these points in mind. There are various activities for children aged 1.5-5 years that are not only stimulating but also contribute to their overall development.

Following programs are available at SIS PREP for 2.5-5 years:
– S.T.E.M by SIS PREP: This program helps children understand everyday science concepts like buoyancy, gravity, use of simple machines, life-cycle of insects, etc. along with pre-math skills like measurement and quantification.
– Creative Drama by Helen O’ Grady International: This program enhances communication and verbal skills of children along with enhancing their confidence and social skills.
– Jolly Phonics through Stories: This program focuses on enhancing children’s pre-reading skills and vocabulary development.

For children aged 1.5-2.5 years:
– Arty Party
– Cold Cooking
– Story and Drama
– Baby Yoga and Meditation
– Splash Pool
– Gardening
– Olympics
– Clay Play

Enroll your child for the summer camp and channelize their energy in the most productive way. The camp begins on 
15th May and ends on 1st June, each day being a 3 hour program from 9:00-12:00. Call us at 1800 121 2318 to register.



March 13, 2023