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The Importance and Effects of Play school on Your Child

The Importance and Effects of Play school on Your Child

For a child or toddler, going to playschool is a small but very significant step in the overall scheme of things. It gives them a huge amount of exposure to the outside world, away from the confines of their homes, where they are pampered and treated as babies with no responsibility. While it is okay to do so, a day will soon come when parents will have to send the child to a formal school, and playschool helps get the child in the right frame of mind so that they can accept formal schooling without hiccups.

playschool acts as a second home for the children, and there are enough material and engaging activities there to keep him/her occupied for the length of time, which is usually 2-3 hours. Here, the child can start building self-esteem, learn the importance of his/her name, and also start socializing, which is an important aspect of the educational process. Each and every child attending play school learns to communicate effectively with the teachers, who have a vast amount of experience, and also with other children. A playschool lays the foundation for a rich learning experience which will continue for the next 20 years of the child’s life on average. The skills and aptitude that children pick up in preschools stand them in good stead for later transactions and dealings that life involves.

Effects of playschools
Many types of research have been conducted on the importance of playschools, and they all show that those children who are taught from an early age always have a greater tendency to be more social, outgoing and confident. They can pick up new skills faster, and implement them to good use in their lives because of the good habits picked up in the nascent stages of their growth. The self-confidence that is generated by learning in positive cycles helps children to develop their personality for the better.

A positive attitude towards learning, knowing the basics of the language, enhanced comprehension and self-management, and positive interaction with peers are the most important effects that a good playschool has on the child.

SIS Prep Gurugram is one of the best playschools in the country, and their hands-off approach to teaching and caring for the children allow strong interpersonal ties to foster and bloom. More importantly, children are given free rein to delve into whatever facet of life which interests them most, and thus natural abilities and gifts are quickly given a chance to stand out and shine.



March 13, 2023