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The Importance Of A Preschool Teacher

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The Importance Of A Preschool Teacher

The Importance Of A Preschool Teacher

The role of a preschool teacher is quite different than from traditional teachers in the education field. A preschool hosts small children, all of whom are in the nascent stage of learning. A preschool teacher will have to work in teacher-child interactions and with an emphasis on small groups. The teacher’s role is not only restricted to working with small children, but they also need to play multiple roles to ensure that things are on an even keel. The preschool teacher also has to interact with parents during child toddler programs in Gurgaon.

A preschool teacher has the responsibility of supervising and managing the classroom, attending meetings, they have to write out reports for each individual child and organize parent-teacher meets. They also have to buy the requisite equipment for conduction of various classroom activities. Teachers may have a bit of anxiety in the beginning stages, but that quickly gives way to confidence as they spend more and more time with their wards.  

A Stimulating Environment

Preschool teachers are instrumental in making things available for young children. The children are encouraged to explore and work on different problems by themselves. The required materials are kept in a systematic manner so that it becomes easy for the child to locate them in the needed time. Teachers plan different activities and this is according to the developmental need of the children. Teachers also contribute to the all-round development of the children. Teachers guide children during various activities by giving instructions in a simple and easily comprehensible manner. They provide children with manifold opportunities to explore and discover new things through the means of observation, testing, manipulating and guessing. They are also instrumental in inviting experts in different creative arts to tickle the imaginations of children and give them opportunities for self- expression. 

The Organizing of Different Activities

Teachers are required to set the rule and explain the consequences. They guide children through a series of different exercises. They will prepare the children in reading, storytelling, writing, mental growth, and different physical activities. For example, they will hold activities like storytelling, art and craft, music and dance and also outdoor games so that there is development in motor skills, memory, and the senses. 

The physical aspect of the child ‘s development like motor skills, gross and fine muscle coordination and hand-eye coordination is facilitated through various activities including both indoor and outdoor activities

Different mental faculties like memory, discrimination power, and the ability to follow simple directions, and also working left-right and top-bottom of a page are encouraged by the participation of teachers who set an example to be followed. 

Verbal exercises held by the preschool teacher ensure that the children are reading ready. The writing skills are sharpened by exercises like drawing, coloring, cutting and tracing. The concept of numbers is an important one and is a life skill. This is achieved by object counting and songs that have accompanying actions. 

All these responsibilities rest on the preschool teacher. SIS Prep Play School in Gurgaon is one of the top playschools where you can safely send your child for the maximum fun and learning in the company of experienced teachers and also mother toddler program.


March 13, 2023