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The Right To Imagine: How We Create Inspiring Spaces?

The word imagination not only fills us with childlike energy and spontaneity but also make us sparkle with possibilities of attaining more even if we don’t know how to achieve more. According to teachers at kids play school in Gurgaon, as parents and teachers we all wish to trigger imagination in children but often fail to understand how to do it. It is an intangible subject and most parents and teachers fail to handle it to get productive results.
According to teachers at best play school in Gurgaon, as teachers, we need to allocate time, resources and energy in school to bring out the spark of imagination in the children. The point of the entire activity is to inspire the children to be imaginative. In a preschool, we have to be very basic and some fundamentals discussed below can be very helpful.
1. Making art: Art time is a time full of imaginative possibilities. But it will be fruitful when you don’t put a condition or a limitation over it. Encourage children to draw, paint, build, sculpt or whatever they love doing. Don’t force them to draw a yellow splotch in the name of the sun. Let them draw with their free will.
2. Expose them to nature: Nature never fails to inspire a child or an adult. If you are letting a child play with sand, water, clay or exposing them to nature from time to time then it will inspire them and trigger imagination inside them.
3. Sense of inner space: As a parent, we make the mistake of overloading our kids with too many images either from books, computer or any other media. This will curb them to create their pictures. According to a teacher at a kid’s daycare center, children seem to be small with limited brain capacity, but they are full of energy and enthusiasm capable of beating an adult. You should encourage a child to create their pictures and be creators rather than feeding the young minds with readymade pictures and make them consumers.
4. Tell them stories: Storytelling is an activity that has been done since ages by which the older generation passes their wisdom to the younger generation. You don’t need illustrated books or videos to tell stories. By telling stories a parent or a teacher establish one to one connection with the child. A story inspires the child to wander in his or her world of imagination.
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October 31, 2019