Daily activities and routines at the preschool

1. Circle Time Meta: Children start the day with circle time greetings, songs, and discussions to encourage socialization and language skills.

2. Block & Puzzle Play Meta: Free play time allows children to engage in constructive block and puzzle play to boost creativity, motor skills and planning.

3. Storytime Meta: Teachers conduct engaging story sessions focused on listening, vocabulary and comprehension. Kids love participating!

4. Movement and Music Meta: Music and movement with instruments and props get children active while developing motor coordination and rhythm.

5. Arts and Crafts Meta: Fun arts and crafts activities like painting, clay modeling, collages stimulate self-expression, creativity and fine motor dexterity.

6. Pretend Play Meta: Pretend play kitchens and drama areas encourage imagination, role-playing, and interpersonal skills.

7. Outdoor Time Meta: Supervised outdoor time for free play, cycling, games promotes physical fitness and social interaction.

8. Nap Time Meta: After active learning mornings, children refuel with healthy snacks followed by quiet nap time.

9. STEM Activities Meta: Interactive STEM activities make concepts like numbers, shapes, colors, science fun through experiments, building and observations.

10. Departure Time Meta: At departure, a recap of the day's activities is shared with parents along with any important updates.

Sis Prep's preschool program integrates learning across developmental domains through an engaging mix of activities. The play-based routines build the foundation for social, motor, cognitive, language and creative skills.