Top 10 Educational Apps for Toddlers

1. Interactive Animal Puzzles Matching, memory and simple puzzle games with cute animations, sounds and positive reinforcement to develop hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.

2. Endless 123 Numbers & Counting Engaging number tracing and counting games to build number recognition and early math skills through colorful illustrations and fun characters.

3.Khan Academy Kids - Toddler Activities  Catchy songs, read-along stories, creativity exercises, and age-appropriate math and reading basics tailored for toddlers' learning level.

4. Montessori Learning Tools   Hands-on games and activities focused on sorting, matching, counting, shapes and colors based on Montessori educational approach.

5. Preschool Puzzle Games for Toddlers  Entertaining memory games and puzzles with cute animation and sound effects to sharpen concentration, logic and problem solving skills.

6.Learny Land - Shapes & Colors Interactive games for identifying shapes, colors and animals through puzzles, drawing and coloring activities.

7. Homer - Early Learning  Personalized reading program uses stories, nursery rhymes and interactive lessons to build early literacy skills.

8. Super Simple ABCs & 123s Animated videos, songs and games focused on the alphabet, phonics, early math, colors, shapes and more for toddlers.

9. Starfall ABCs for Toddlers  Fun phonics-based learning activities to develop early reading skills using singalong songs and illustrated stories.

10. Toca Junior - Creative Play  Open-ended play environments and activities to encourage creativity, role-playing, problem solving and developing social skills.

Sis Prep's preschool program  These engaging apps make screen time productive by building key school readiness skills like literacy, math, critical thinking, and creativity in fun, age-appropriate ways. Use a mix of games, videos, stories, and open play to keep your preschooler learning and lay the foundation for success. Education is a journey - start early and make it an adventure!