SIS PREP is rooted in strong foundational principles that prioritize each child's needs and interests, ensuring learning is tailored to their development.

1. Strong Foundational Principles -

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, SIS PREP balances guided learning and self-exploration. Educators play a multifaceted role - as facilitators, observers and co-learners.

2. Inspired Global Curriculum

Programs at SIS PREP are designed for specific age groups and developmental milestones. Great emphasis is placed on holistic growth across skills like motor, communication and social development.

3. Customized Programs for Holistic Growth

The Atelier at SIS PREP is an experience where children's creativity has no bounds. Art serves as a language for self-expression and understanding the world.

4. Creativity Fostered in the Atelier

SIS PREP instills adaptability, curiosity and confidence to prepare students for tomorrow. It also collaborates with parents, embracing learning as a collective journey.

5. Preparing Students for Tomorrow

Providing a safe, nurturing environment is paramount at SIS PREP. The school seamlessly integrates technology into learning to equip students for a digital future.

6. Safe and Tech-Enabled Environment

SIS PREP introduces diverse cultures to foster global citizenship, while emphasizing environmental awareness and sustainability. Avenues for artistic expression are plenty.

7. Appreciating Diversity and Artistic Expression

With world-class offerings tailored to each child's needs, dedicated educators and a consistent record of excellence, SIS PREP ensures the best start in life

8. The Best Start in Life