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Welcome Your Child to an Imaginary World Through Storytelling Session

Welcome Your Child to an Imaginary World Through Storytelling Session

We humans have been telling stories for several millennia. As children, we have heard loads of tales from our parents and grandmothers. These stories have been a crucial part of our childhoods. In this fast and busy paced world, ensure your little champions do not miss out on such a simple yet effective overall development tool. Just search for after school programs near me and enroll them for the magical world of stories.

Benefits of stories to children

1. A world is full of ideas

It helps in calming the mind and diverting kids to an imaginary world, full of good and beautiful things. It contributes towards building their imagination skills.

2. Storytelling time will help your child to concentrate and focus

Stories improve concentration and attention of the kid. It also helps them understand how communication works.

3 Listening skills
It helps them to master listening skills. For a child to be able to sit, hear and understand what is being told to them is a lot of effort. Our after school activities in Gurgaon have professionals specially trained in child psychology. All our storytellers have years of experience in working with little minds, and can effectively help your child listen, understand and grow.

4. Storytime teaches so much more than language
Toddlers learn the basics of education through books, pictures, and colors in them. It exposes them to new words, improves vocabulary and thus improves the conversation power. But, storytelling also has much more to it apart from language and vocabulary. Ethics, geology, social skills, botany, physics, human behavior, zoology, chemistry, and a whole lot of other things may be introduced through seemingly simple tales. It also boosts their IQ level due to exposure to a world out of their small world.

5. Instills Virtues In Your Child
Children often emulate their favorite characters. This way we can drive loads of good virtues like wisdom, courage, honesty, etc. home, using the backdrop of their favorite character.

A child cannot actually differentiate between learning times and playtime if handled effectively. So if you are looking for 
best after school activities in Gurgaon for your little prince or princess, storytelling classes are the best you can find. We at SIS Prep Pre School Gurugram understand this. Enroll your child with us so that they do not miss this simple yet extremely important means of childhood learning.


March 13, 2023