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What are The Main Benefits of Having a Reggio Emilia Based Play School?

What are The Main Benefits of Having a Reggio Emilia Based Play School

The Reggio Emilia based approach to learning is one that is unique to SIS Prep preschool, and unique pre-nursery school in Gurgaon. Many parents wonder what the benefits of this learning method are, so we clear up a few doubts in this short blog.

The Reggio Emilia approach is an alternative learning approach, which, in spite of its informal techniques, effectively delivers mainstream results. The biggest difference from a formal mode of teaching is that it empowers the child in the learning process. It recognizes the child as a participant in the learning process, and makes him/her an active participant.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of the Reggio Emilia approach;
 The curriculum adapts itself to the needs of the individual child, and does not pressurize him to learn. He/she is encouraged to make use of his/her innate curiosity to interact with the environment and this leads to creative expression.

 The parents and the teachers are not “in charge”. The child is in charge of the learning process, revolutionary though it may sound. The teachers are viewed as partners and collaborators to enhance the learning process, and this leads to better interaction between the educator and the child. Needless to say, this fosters independent thinking in the children and paves the way for the future.

 This process invests a lot of time in community involvement, and makes the child a natural explorer who can seek answers not only from teachers, but also through their sense organs when interacting with the immediate environment.

 It brings about rapid social and emotional growth which is of paramount importance in a preschool child, utilizing the time before entry to a formal school in a very effective manner indeed.

 The children get to do what they want, in a home-like setting and this makes them comfortable and relaxed, a definite advantage where the parents are not with them.

 The Reggio Emilia approach respects the child, period. If they want to do something that is within the means of SIS Prep’s vast resources, the teachers leave no stone unturned to ensure that the child is able to do it. Flowering under a watchful and nurturing eye, the child is able to quickly shed the fearful inhibitions and stress that is associated with being away from home. They naturally seek out the help of on-hand educators when they have a question or a demand.

SIS Prep play school encourages parents to involve themselves in the learning process of their children at home too, so that the maximum benefits of the Reggio Emilia approach can be harvested.



March 13, 2023