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What are the Necessities of Having an Interactive Environment in Playschools?

What are the Necessities of Having an Interactive Environment in Playschools

Preschool children have incredibly impressionable minds. Among the many factors which facilitate learning at this stage is the environment. In fact, the environment possesses the largest scope for learning as has been found out from many studies conducted over the years. SIS Prep Play School in Gurugram which is a prominent reggio emelia preschool in Gurgaon, acknowledges the environment as the “third teacher”, after parents and caregivers.

Here are some of the reasons why an interactive environment fosters the best learning possibilities in a child.

1. Interactive environments are interesting as well as welcoming to a child. When the child is away from home, he/she is already under stress, separated from the parents. Unfamiliar surroundings run the risk of increasing this stress even more, and this hampers the child’s learning. Homely features in a preschool are conducive to a stress-free young mind.

2. The environment needs to be diverse as well. Large spaces encourage physical activity and help children with motor skills training. And in the case of soft and closed areas, children are encouraged to apply their innate curiosity to objects with a focus on learning by exploration. Thus, we find that a varied environment helps in all round development of the child.

3. An ideal and effective environment will engage the five senses of the child simultaneously. Responsive surroundings induce thinking in different ways, and the outcome is open-ended, to say the least. Creativity is also given a fillip with interactive environments, and children can gravitate towards whatever catches their fancy.

4. The environment also has to cater to the social needs of the child. We, by nature, are social beings. And this trait is exhibited very early on in life. It has to be fostered in the right manner and allowed to flourish because children learn by interactions with their peers and through collaborative activities.

5. The last, but most an important argument in favor of interactive environments is that the human brain is an ever-changing organ’ It rewires itself constantly on the basis of environments and experiences that are stored in the memory. A rich environment will challenge the brain to evolve in this crucial the early development stage of a preschooler.

These convincing arguments win the case in favor of having an interactive environment and this is what 
SIS Prep, the top play school in Gurgaon excels in providing to the child.



March 13, 2023