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What is Reggio Emilia Approach and its Importance in Early Childhood Education?

What is Reggio Emilia Approach and its Importance in Early Childhood Education

The Reggio Emilia approach is designed for constructive, experiential and student-centered learning in a relationship-driven environment. This educational philosophy focuses on primary and preschool education. The approach is conceptualized on principles of responsibility, community, and respect through self-discovery and exploration.

The aim of the approach is to help children learn symbolic languages and how to implement them in their everyday life.

The key elements of this approach, as followed by the best pre-school in Gurgaon are:
 Children should have control over the direction of learning.
• Children should learn through experiences of moving, touching, observing and listening.
• Children should be allowed to discover and explore the various things around them.
• Children should have endless opportunities and methods to express themselves.

It basically enables children to have their own educational path so that they remain actively engaged in the process of learning and that too for a longer period of time.

The Characteristics of the Reggio Emilia Approach
There are three characteristics of Reggio Emilia approach and these include:
• Image of Child: The essence of this philosophy lies in the fact that every child is creative, curious, capable and competent. Exploring their curiosities and interests can aid in a greater desire to learn and understand.

• Emergent Curriculum: An the emergent curriculum of 
SIS PREP Gurgaon, the teachers introduce questions and listen to the discussions and ideas of children. With careful observation, teachers of the top pre-school in Gurgaon develop explorations and long-term projects.

• Role of Teacher & Environment: The approach considers teachers beyond a mere education partner; rather they play diverse roles along with being a teacher. They act as guides who take children on a journey, scribe that record, listen and display the classroom experiences. While the environment of 
best play school in Gurgaon is known to be another teacher.

SIS PREP a reputable pre-school in Gurgaon adheres to the philosophies of Reggio Emilia approach and creates an inviting, community-based and innovative learning space for your child.



March 13, 2023