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What to Expect in a Top Play school or a Pre Nursery?

What to Expect in a Top Play school or a Pre Nursery

As a parent with a toddler who you value above your life, it is very important for you to know what to expect from the play school you choose for the child. Here are some of the facilities that you can expect from SIS Prep, the only Reggio Emilia play school in Gurgaon.

 Being located in a place which is accessible from all directions, the 
play school offers you peace of mind when you know that you are never too far away from your child. You can visit the play school at a convenient time, both for you and the child. The play school time period ensures that the child has the highest energy level, right after a satisfying breakfast, to engage in the various interesting activities.

 Our classrooms are large and airy, and they are well lit and painted in bright colors to engage the child. They have more than enough space to move and run about, and to engage in the various creative and educational activities that we have for them. The areas are demarcated for various activities, in addition to plenty of toys for both boys and girls. And importantly, the ergonomics of the chairs and tables comply with the age requirement.

 Hygiene and cleanliness are one of our top priorities. We ensure kids wash their hands after they draw, paint or fashion things from dough. And the habit of chewing on pencils is something we actively wean away a child from. The toilets are spick and span, and there is adequate authorized and trained staff to take care of individual basic dependencies.

 The student to teacher ratio is favorable indeed. We ensure that there are enough teachers who can devote individual attention to the child when he/she has a question or a need.

 There are playgrounds which can be used when the time for physical activity comes, and the teachers are very vigilant indeed, as caring as parents themselves.

 Both the administration and the teachers understand what a parent wants for their child. Approachable and friendly educators mean that you are no longer in the dark about your child’s progress. You can contact us anytime during office hours if you have a query regarding the play school or the child. We understand that you lead a busy and hectic life, and ensure that your questions are promptly answered to your satisfaction.



March 13, 2023