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When is it time to put your Child in Play School?

When is it time to put your Child in Play School

A child is normally ready to be enrolled in a playschool around the time he is about 2 ½ years of age. But you need to understand that children develop at different speeds, especially in early infancy. SIS Prep, the best play school in Gurgaon by a long distance, advises looking out for the following signs to accurately gauge the time your toddler should be admitted in a play school.

1. Is the child independent?
A few basic skills are required for a child to be sent to a preschool. Most, if not all preschools will want your child to be toilet trained. Other things that the child should be able to do by himself are washing his hands before lunch, consuming food without assistance and also sleeping alone.

2. Is he comfortable in spending time away from parents?
If your child is comfortable in your absence, for example with a relative or a babysitter, it is a good indication that he is ready for play school. Children, who have working parents, as is increasingly the case, are attuned to being in the care of another responsible adult, and that is a very good sign. If the child has not really spent a couple of hours away from you, ever, then you could consider that he/she spends a day or a weekend with a relative, for example his grandmother, or another close relative who has kids of the same age. Even if you cannot do that, you should not worry too much, most children love the atmosphere of a play school and jump right in, without a look over their shoulder!

3. Can he work on creative projects by himself?
Our play school will see to it that the child is engaged in fruitful creative activities like playing with dough, drawing and painting, among other things. If your child likes to do the same at home, it is a great indication that he will have no problems at our play school.

4. Does the child enjoy group activities?
This is a little hard to gauge, but if your child has no problems with visiting relatives or friends and is comfortable in their presence, it is an indicator that he can go to playschool, where his peer group is children of his own age.

 preschool in Gurugram, we ensure that your child is ready for play school before enrolling him/her, and the homely atmosphere makes the child fit right in with others of his/her age.








March 13, 2023