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Where Do Pre-School Children Feel Comfortable in?

Where Do Pre-School Children Feel Comfortable in

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. To prepare them for the world that lies in waiting, parents unequivocally send them to a pre-school so that they can pick up the nuances of life early on. SIS Prep Gurugram, the best nursery school in Gurgaon, lists the ideal environment for nursery children, which we talk about in this blog post.

• Firstly, each and every child has to feel protected and safe in the classroom. Pre-school kids are especially significant in this aspect because they are new to this routine, and may get anxious, missing home as soon as they see an unfamiliar environment. The play-school has to act as a second home for them, in which they spend a few hours every day, and the teachers have to substitute as parents.

• An informal setting is very much appreciated. Walls colored in bright colors, plenty of soft toys, crayons, art paper, sandpits, relaxed rules of clothing, encouragement, and emphasis on exploration and expression in various ways, all foster a sense of security and confidence in the child.

• Pre-schoolers require some time before they get used to routines. It is best to have them get into the rhythm according to their individual pace. Some kids who learn this early on have been found to act as little supervisors to the other kids, and this brings about a sense of harmony to the proceedings.

• It is also very important to ensure that all the children are involved in one activity or the other. It is not necessary to force them, and they learn by seeing and exploring. A reward system does wonders in getting each child actively engaged in meaningful activity.

• By nature, all children like to be praised. Every child is not great in each activity, and this Reggio Emilia play school in Gurgaon emphasizes that the individual positive traits be identified and positively encouraged by teachers. This makes the children eager to indulge in activities that, however small, are positive and worth learning.

• Another thing that is important for kids of this age is that they should have a wide variety of choices on any given day in pre-school. There should be adequate equipment and accessories to actively engage all the children.

If these basic requirements of a nursery child are fulfilled, he/she is expected to grow into a very well rounded individual with positive tendencies and an urge to explore and learn.


March 13, 2023