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Why are Teachers Needed to be Sensitive to Preschoolers?

Why are Teachers Needed to be Sensitive to Preschoolers

Today’s world is one where humans have unfortunately lost touch with their human side. In a world where importance is given to the person who earns the most and is high up in the social ladder, the pressure to perform is slowly but inexorably turning people into machines, functioning in auto –control mode. This is a fact that SIS Prep Preschool Gurugram, a reggio emelia play school in Gurgaon recognizes.

It puts forward the following arguments in favor of why teachers have to be highly sensitive to preschoolers.

• Preschoolers are unable to voice their needs articulately. When a parent leaves his/her child in the care of a prominent and top pre-nursery in Gurgaon, he/she expects that the child will be made to feel at home and that their every need will be catered to. Sensitive teachers who are trained to interpret both verbal and non-verbal cues are therefore essential in this process.

• Every teacher has a personal relationship with the individual child. Their encouragement and appreciation helps the child to be inspired and perform better, and it all starts in pre-school.

• There have been innumerable instances where positive encouragement and appreciation of efforts by sensitive teachers have led to the child making huge strides in development and academics. SIS Prep acknowledges this fact to be a very important one, and it has an environment where the child is spurred on to explore various activities in order to fulfill his/her true potential.

• Sensitive teachers are also required in order to make accurate observations about the development of the child and to intervene with caring hands wherever necessary. Participation in activities with the child enables the teachers to gauge the areas of interest of the child, be it music, art, physical activities or involved social interactions. Each of these is an indicator of the future calling of the child, and the sooner it is identified, the better.

• Teachers are also required to interact with the parents of every child, who would want to know how their wards are doing, and how things can be improved. If the teacher is sensitive towards the child, they will be able to accurately read the child and make sensible observations.

Above all, if a parent knows that they have placed their child in an atmosphere where the caregivers and educators, if that is what teachers may be called, are sensitive, it takes a huge mental burden off their shoulders, leaving them free to concentrate on their daily activities.



March 13, 2023