Why Choose Us?

Our Approach

At SIS PREP, our curriculum is guided by the international framework and is influenced by the philosophy and approach of Reggio-Emilia.. (Explore More)

It is a play based curriculum for early learning, creating an environment for children to develop social, communication, research, thinking, physical and self-management skills.

Our school’s fundamental values are based on an image of children as competent, capable, and as valuable citizens with inherent and irrefutable rights.

We believe in – basics and the basics to childhood are play, curiosity and free will.

The Guiding principles of our pedagogy are:
  • The Environment acts as a third teacher.
  • Parents are partners in education.
  • Teachers are partners, nurturers, and guides who help facilitate the exploration of children’s interests as they work on short and long-term projects.
  • Children are capable to construct their own learning.
  • Children are collaborators and learn through interaction within their communities.
  • Children are natural communicators and should be encouraged to express however they can.
  • Documentation is a critical component of the learning process.
Students at SIS PREP are:
Creative thinkers

Creative thinkers

Effective communicators

Effective Communicators


Creative Innovators



Risk taker

Risk Takers