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Why is the Hands-Off Approach Preferred in Top Pre-Nurseries?

Why is the Hands-Off Approach Preferred in Top Pre-Nurseries

Teachers and educators, particularly for those concerned with preschool learning have debated for a long time on the correct way of introducing new concepts and fostering the learning spirit in young children. SIS Prep, a top pre-nursery in Gurgaon, has always seen to it that the learning fashion is individually tailored to the child’s needs, and a hands-off approach works best, each and every time.

There are 7 different learning styles that are used in any circumstance, they are;
• Visual: Images, pictures and spatial understanding are used.
• Aural: Where the focus is on music and sounds to help the child understand.
• Physical: Here the hands, feet and the body in general is employed to interact and the sense of touch is paramount.
• Verbal: Words, in speech and in identifying things.
• Logical: Reasoning and logic are employed.
• Solitary: The child works alone and employs self-learning.
• Social: Learning is done in groups.

The child never has one style exclusively, and it has been observed that each student possesses a few of the above methods of learning that he/she prefers,or shows an inclination to use. At SIS Prep 
preschool in Gurgaon we help you as a parent, to identify which style of learning, your child is most comfortable with, and would make the greatest progress in. After all, in today’s competitive times, any educational help, in any way is tantamount to enhancing the child’s prospects as a student and a professional later on in life.

The hand’s off approach works in our case because our trained teachers are highly skilled in spotting in which way a particular child is most likely to develop life skills. The child is left free to interact with the environment, which is a safe and comfortable one, under a very watchful eye, which intervenes when necessary. They can use their sense of touch, hearing, and voices as they explore a world which is exciting and brimming with possibilities. Once we are sure that your child is showing an inclination towards a particular type of learning, our educators step in to assist him/her in enhancing the skills needed to progress in that path.

We pay very close attention to the personal needs of your child, which is why they are treated with utmost care and respect. We understand that each child is different, because we, as persons, individually are different. And a hands-off approach provides us with the opportunity to observe and develop the natural learning inclinations of the children, before they enter formal school.

March 13, 2023