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Yoga and Body Mobility Classes in SIS PREP After School

Yoga and Body Mobility Classes in SIS PREP After School

There will be no exaggeration if we see that a play school is the first step of a child towards formal education or it is a place or an event which marks the beginning of education of the child. But many new parents are often unsure about sending their child to playschool is the right choice or not.

So we have come up with few benefits of sending your child to a playschool as it is a smart choice for every pre-schooler and his or her parents.

1. A place to head starts the emotional and social skills of the child:, Unlike a home where a child is surrounded by parents and few family members, at a playschool kid comes in contact with many other kids like them, staff and teachers of the school. According to teachers at a play school in Gurgaon, to multiple people at the tender age of two or three can head start the development of emotional and social skills of the child. Educational experts also believe that social and emotional developed at playschool goes a long way in life with the child.

2. Improves cognitive health of the child: When children learn to share their toys or play team games or have fun in splash pool with friends, it not only develops them socially or emotionally but it also improves cognitive functions of the body. They are in much better condition to handle stress or other emotional problems as compared to children who have less social interaction with a peer group.

3. Great help in higher education: According to educational experts at a pre-nursery school in Gurgaon, children who attend full-time preschool, i.e. four to six hours a day have better mathematical computation and linguistic skills. It can be a great help later at the time of higher education.

4. Be in line with peer trends: According to experts in the field of pre-primary education, children who go to preschool at the right age can be in line with peer trends in a much better way than those who either skip the preschool education or are late joiners. Children who miss preschool education and join middle school directly find it very difficult to interact with other students and teachers at the school. Even if they are late in joining the preschool they will either have to adjust with kids who are already together for one year or with kids who are younger to them.

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March 13, 2023